Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is Alex. He is my special needs neighbor, and he and I have a lot in common. First of all, he loves to play games. My kids won't play games with me, so I have to borrow Alex, and he'll play Uno til you can Uno no more.

We also have "sportin" clothes in common. Alex always beats me in the sock department.

And, then there's this.....we have this in common too.

"Alex, I understand, really I do, but you have to resist, and put the gun down. It gets easier; I promise. Pretty soon the urge will almost be non-existent."
I love Alex.


  1. LOL I love Alex too! And those socks? Whoa!

  2. LOL!! The socks rule! And so does UNO!! My 5 year-old totally kicks my ass in that game. How is that possible? I ask you?!?!

  3. Harmony and Calico- there are plenty more of those socks, let me tell you.