Saturday, August 15, 2009


Babies. I think my family is working in cohorts with one another. If it's not this little visiting, most adorable, perfectly smelling, soft as ...well...a baby's bottom, angelic eyed baby boy........

it's this most adorable, perfectly smelling, soft as .......okay, you can surely get my point, baby boy.

My family would love another child. Yet, there is a predicament as my hubby is nearing 43, and I am nearing 40. I know that I continue to drop eggs monthly as the pain routinely makes its way into my back, but I think it's with multiple gifts that my ovaries supply my empty uterus, and it's not multiples that I would be wanting.

AND, I think that my uterus likes being empty. I like it being empty. I like sleeping at night. I like tipping back grandpa's concoction of white lightning. I like being able to visit at picnics and not run around like a sweating maniac after toddlers.

But, oh my stars, these babies melt my heart. Those eyes you can not resist and those little fingers grabbing your hands... heart be still.

But oh again. I would have to name the baby Mildred Genevieve, cuz that's the name of my recently deceased nanny. And you know when you love someone, you have to carry on their name somehow. Mildred Genevieve, whom most called Midge. There is some unspoken obligation to name children after our loved ones. Keegan got John as part of his name after a grandfather. Kacee received Jaymes as her middle name, from my father and my cousin stole our great grandmother's name, Hally, for her daughter. Names like John, Jaymes and Hally are nice names. They're normal. We love our grandparents and their names, but Mildred Genevieve. I mean really who looks at a baby and says, "Hello little Mildred Genevieve."
Geez, when you love someone you also can not give them a name like Mildred Genevieve.

Decision made. No babies. The world only needed one Mildred Genevieve. I love you, Nan.

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