Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ditched While Camping

Would you ditch this family?

Can you imagine the excitement I got when I snapped a pic of these two Amish men on the pontoon boat? That is so taboo, so taboo that it gave me butterflies in my tummy! I felt devilish and so bad when they looked across the water to see my lens staring at them. Why would someone ditch this event?

Oh, and the laughs we had when our fifty year old friend took Keegan's BMX bike off a jump, ending up flat faced out in front of all the "cool" kids at the park, breaking his hand now needing surgery.Who would want to miss this once in a lifetime happening?

And mountain pies! Now that's not something we get everyday! Yup, ditched again. Who would do this to such an wonderful camping trip?



  1. CUTE pictures! So why did she ditch you guys and your wonderful trip?

  2. WHAT???? She's crazy and TOTALLY normal for her age ;)

  3. Such great pictures!! Tweens - what can you do with them? Honestly? They don't know a good time when it smacks them in the face! :)