Friday, May 1, 2009


How is it that poor Keegs has to play with the Amazon women? He came up to their shoulders and no higher. Poor Babe, he's just a runt. Tonight we're off to the BMX races. That should be a little more balanced.


  1. That does look a little unbalanced, doesn't it?
    Keegs has grown so much, wow what a cutie!! Sounds like you're all having a blast with the warmer weather approaching, it's nice to get out.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. he doesn't look the slightest bit intimidated by it, so that is AWESOME!!!

  3. Wow...that is a huge difference in size. Gotta agree with Stacie's Madness, he doesn't look a bit intimidated..he's rocking it!

  4. wtf?! that's exactly what i'm thinking right about now. so funny that he can only play coed right now? WTF?!

    i have a picture that is HILARIOUS of me around keegs' age where i am WAY taller than the rest of everyone - but especially the boys.

    how did the BMX races go? ;)

  5. I have something for you at my place...stop by.

  6. KW- very unbalanced, as always
    Stacie-not intimidated at all
    Harmony-it has always been a huge difference
    Mental-and his head is big!!
    MOFM- okay, so we need a few more BMX races under our belt