Saturday, February 7, 2009

One With the Bumps

I'm trying to analyze this and getting no where. As we were driving home from our run on an old dirt road today, hubby was swerving this way and that. He does this a lot. He moves the steering wheel one way and then the other. He gets this strange look on his face.

Now let me tell you. This shit drives me crazy. First of all no one wants to think that there may be something wrong with the car, but furthermore, it's more unnerving to watch his face crinkle up as the car sways to the left and then to the right. And, I gotta tell you, there is no fucking sound. No fucking problem with the car. Nada, nothing.

So, I had to get on him and ask why he does this all the time, and he does do it all the time.

He started to explain that it stems from when he used to race motocross. He always had to listen to the bike in order to catch problems before they caused trouble for him. Then he proceeded to get philosophical. "You have to know the bike, and it's the same with the car too. In fact, I know it sounds silly, but you have to be one with the bumps on the road."

Silly? I think that's just plain nuts.


  1. Plain nuts? I am SO with you on this! My husband does the same thing...but not to be in "tune" with the car, he does it to scare the life out of me. On a good day I can pull it off without even looking scare, bad days consist of me climbing into the back seat crying. LOL

  2. "you have to be one with the bumps on the road..." WTF?! yup. just plain nuts. here's a little list of things that are "just plain nuts" that my husband does while driving:
    drives like a 90yr old man
    swerves (like yours)
    chews on ice


  3. That would drive me insane, lol leave it to the hubbies, right?!
    I'm really happy to see you started blogging again, I don't want to upset things by commenting, so you'll have to let me know if that's an issue. I commented the other day not initially realizing it was you, but there was something very familiar w/ the writing, when I realized it was in fact you, I deleted my comment, but decided to risk coming back because your blogs really are a hoot :)
    I've always loved your honest & comedic writing style, you crack me up and boy do you have a lot of stories you can share that is life but keeps us all in stitches! You've got to do a book one day, it would totally hit the #1 best sellers list!!

  4. Harmony- I like to drive from the backseat. Just to piss him off.

    MOFM- Chews ice? Is that just for labor pains?