Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do I Hafta?

I don't want to pre-read books for my daughter, Kate. I have my own books that I want to read. NOT HERS. Kate started to read Twilight. Everyone is reading Twilight but not me. If everyone is reading it, I'm the one who won't. Never read Harry Potter or The Purpose Driven Life. Not reading Twilight either.
But, today as I was driving to Ohio for some shopping, Kate was reading. In her young, sixth grader mind, she was unsure of some words and how they fit into the context of the book.
"Mom, what's scintillating mean?" I describe it for her as it relates to "his bare arms."
"Well, how does adrenaline fit in?"
"What's unintentional seduction?"
Shit, what in the hell is in this book? Do I hafta read it? Guess what? I am not. That's why I'm the reality therapist. Really not pre-reading. Really hoping it all stops with a kiss. Really not into reading her books.


  1. No worries - there is nothing to worry about until the fourth one. You might take a look then. I'd spoil it for you, but I'm afraid of spoiling it for other readers too. :(

  2. worries until the fourth book! It's a pretty good read full of teenage angst. And even though I caught myself rolling my eyes, throughout each and every one...I couldn't help but finish the story. *shrugs* I couldn't help myself. LOL

  3. I know. When I was homeschooling, I just made it a point to NOT allow any Harry Potter. When we first had urchins, we had a "BARNEY" Free household. Nothing. NO Barney sheets. No barney Videos. IF I got something Barney as a present..I regifted it.

    Have I said I missed you so and I'm so glad you are back???

  4. I feel the same way about book craze...never read harry potter...but this one, I just had to see what the hype was...and I am surprised to say, I am enjoying it. Just started reading a few days ago and I am almost finished with it.

  5. Okay...I totally cave...where are you? Did you fall victim to the Twilight hysteria?