Thursday, February 5, 2009

Art Therapy

Wanting to do a little art therapy, I had the all the tools. My little six year old client was all ready to go. She loves to draw, and it's something that we can do together to avoid her negative interactions with her siblings.Her first picture came out quite loverly! It was a picture of her oldest 17 year old sister. Ahhh, this is progress. She wanted to create a picture of her sister with whom she usually fights and argues, and occasionally hits. I am hitting some positive spots in her brain!!!!
The picture came complete with smile and a trendy little outfit which displayed her sister's belly. She laughed and commented on the fact that she should draw the sister's belly button ring.
Delightful activity. Relaxing and calming. I colored pictures while I sat next to her.

Now we have the second photo. Okay, it's okay. Until you start to stare at it. Sister is now smiling with evil eyebrows. Her arms resemble the hulk, and she has a club foot. Well she did in the other picture, but somehow this one looks worse. My client is now glassy eyed and less talkative. I keep coloring.
Looking up from my coloring book as she calls my name, I find this three inches from my face. OOhh, no....this is not good. Damn it. "Honey, slowly put down the crayons. Walk away from the table. Don't look back."
Time for me to high tail it out of there before she starts her progression of art on me. So much for art therapy and my success with yet another client.


  1. baaahahahaha! you're hilarious. LOVE THE BLOG! :)

  2. LMAO.."I will suck your blood, try to stop me" LOVE IT! I am dying from that...*wheezing*